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  1. Could I use this slider to replace the one in the Minibuzz WordPress theme?

    If so, could you tell where and how to alter the code if I purchase it?


    • admin says:


      yes, it seems that this theme is well written to support WP plugins like uBillboard. Of course we will provide you with support once you buy.

      Best regards,

  2. John says:

    Great looking slider! I’m interested in using this in the dark nature theme

    Is this possible. Is it relatively easy to replace the slider in a theme with this slider?

    • admin says:

      You might need to do a few changes, but yes it should be relatively easy to set up and use.

  3. Michael Oeser says:

    Hi there,

    is it allowed to use this slider – once purchased of course – as a feature in a premium theme that I sell to others? I assume this will be the case if it´s under GPL, right?

    • admin says:


      yes, but you’ll need an extended license for that. ( http://codecanyon.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/ ). You can not use it this way, if you’ve purchased only a regular license or if you’ve purchased it with the Envato WP bundle.

      • Ali A. Akbar says:

        Actually, ALL wordpress plugin licenses are governed by WordPress.


        The plugin irregardless of how the author/creator feels, is derived from GPL code and community contribution necessary for creating a plugin, thus interacting with the WordPress core.

        It’s under GPL period.

        • admin says:

          If you read this carefully, you’ll notice that GPL only applies to PHP files. And since the bulk of functionality is JavaScript (which is still bound by standard license) you can not resell the whole plugin as a part of your theme unless you have purchased the extended license.
          If you attempt to do so, action will be taken against you.

      • Michael Oeser says:

        Understand and makes sense. So if I purchase the extended license I can use the plugin in one theme that I sell (unlimited copies of that theme)?! Or can I use it in unlimited number of different themes I sell?

        How much is such a licence?

        • admin says:

          Yes, one extended license allows you to resell the plugin as a part of (one) your theme unlimited times. If you then want to use it as a part of another theme, you’ll need to purchase another extended license. You should be able to view the details here.

  4. Keith says:

    Can this be used in the sidebar, or as a widget in the sidebar?

    Can you have the images be in random order?

    • admin says:

      Currently there is no sidebar widget, but it shouldn’t be a problem to build one. Neither it is possible to randomize the order of images via admin options.

  5. CasperGraaf says:


    I use the London Creative template, watch it here: http://www.caspergraaf.nl/wordpress
    Is it possible to replace the original slider with uBillboard?


  6. Leo says:

    Hi there! Is this the same, full plugin that you use at this theme? http://themes.udesignstudios.net/marketleader/

    And are there other themes you guys made that use this slider? I am pretty much a noob, but I can sort of edit html in standard themes to make them look more like I want them to. The theme mentioned above fits that bill. Looks good! Easy to alter! So I am curious :)

    • admin says:

      Hi, it is actually an earlier version of uBillboard what is used in this theme. And we’ll be implementing uBillboard into our next themes.